Andreas Karamalikis

A design proposal for a yoga shala narrating a new aesthetic for the circular economy in the heart of Portugal.

Vale de Moses is a world-class yoga retreat located in the breathtaking, forested mountains of central Portugal. Originally a farm, the abandoned property was purchased by a British family during a year-long tour of Europe. In 2020, the owners announced a call for design proposals for their new hillside practice…

14 days of ordered self-isolation upon arrival. What I learned when I stopped to seek for control and started to let loose.

So as we are entering the fourth month of global lockdown and we are collectively counting more than 500.000 deaths caused by Covid-19, I found myself being in this exceptional state of ordered self-isolation: 14 days locked in my new apartment as I have just relocated to London.

This situation…

What if all your assumptions about another being or thing has been just a miscalculation of your neural network?

Hi, it’s me!

Without noticing your brain is processing this information with a speed never measured before. It is calculating probabilities and analysing assumptions faster than quantum computing. A neural firework takes place inside of your head.


Something inside us manically tries to grasp who this person…

We all agreed, that this year will be a year of big changes. Now is the last chance to ask ourselves: are we ready for it? My essay on Covid-19.

We still haven’t grasped the true impact, that the current pandemic will have on our lives.

Looking back at the Fridays for Future marches, they now seem like rain dances performed by indigenous tribes:

we all used to gather and dance through the streets, to raise awareness of our environmental…

Andreas Karamalikis

In search of experiences that change the way we perceive the world.

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